Thursday, November 20, 2008

Yellow Diamonds

People either love or hate fancy yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds. These fancy color diamonds occur naturally, but they can also be created synthetically in the lab or their colors can be enhanced through radiation. From Wikipedia, "Yellow diamonds are more profitable because they can be made more quickly and cost less to manufacture than blue or colorless diamonds."

Natural yellow diamonds have also made their mark in history; they also range in pale, light yellows to intense, vivid yellows. The most famous are the cushion cut Tiffany Yellow diamond (287.42 Carats), the uncut Oppenheimer Diamond (253.7 Carats), the nine-sided rose cut Florentine diamond (137.27 Carats), the 3cm long Diamond Shah (88.7 Carats), and the shield shaped Sancy Diamond (55.23 Carats).

Tiffany Yellow Diamond

Oppenheimer Diamond

Florentine Diamond

Sancy Diamond

Here are a few of the yellow diamond pieces at Handiwork Jewelry:

Four yellow princess cut diamonds are invisible set at the top of these 1/2 Carat diamond earrings, set in 14 Karat yellow gold.
Cost: $350
These 1.00 Carat total weight, round cut yellow diamond solitaire earring studs are set in a simple four prong setting.
Cost: $1120

This 14 Karat yellow gold pendant has 3/4 Carats of princess cut, yellow diamonds bordering a row of white, baguette cut diamonds. The unique patterning of this pendant is accomplished through an invisible setting.
Cost: $645

This 1.20 Carat round brilliant solitaire is a light yellow diamond. A total of 0.85 Carats in channel set princess cut diamonds are mounted in this platinum wedding set.

This vintage replica wedding set has a 1.46 Carat light yellow diamond solitaire as its centerpiece. A total of 0.55 Carats in round cut diamonds are pave set in the 18 Karat white gold setting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blue Diamonds

The most famous of blue diamonds would have to be the Hope Diamond, a 45.52 Carat on display at the Smithsonian in DC. The natural blue in these fancy color diamonds is attributed to trace amounts of the element boron.

Here are a few of Handiwork Jewelry's blue diamond pieces:

Blue diamonds and white diamonds in floral cluster earrings

Round blue diamonds with white baguette diamonds in a yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet

An oval white diamond with two round blue diamonds on each side of this unique, platinum diamond engagement ring

This lady's blue and white diamond cluster ring is great for a pointer finger.

This dome like lady's ring has blue and white diamonds bezel set in white gold.

This past, present, future diamond pendant drop has a blue diamond has its centerpiece.

This lady's blue and white, princess cut diamond pendant is channel set in a simple drop.

Another spin on the three drop pendant with four princess cut diamonds set to look like one larger solitaire.

Eight blue diamonds with four white diamonds are mounted in the center of this white gold band.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Green Diamonds

We have already covered green amethysts (actually prasiolites), and now it's time to continue the series on color diamonds.... today's feature includes green diamonds, which are formed naturally from exposure to radioactive material. The most famous is the Dresden Green Diamond, found in Germany.

At Handiwork Jewelry, we carry only a few pieces.

Three round white diamonds are bezel set with round, green diamonds hand set around each solitaire.

Four white diamond clusters are supported by green diamond branches in this unique band.

Also available in white gold...

Green diamonds are hand set in this vintage style wedding band with white diamonds accenting the lace, filigree design on each side of the band.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Champagne Diamonds

Now that we've busted the myth of white diamonds only, I want to introduce other "color" diamonds. Today's post is dedicated to champagne or chocolate diamonds, which range from a light yellow/brown to a rich, dark brown. Clever jewelry marketing people tend to call these warmer colored diamonds champagne or cognac diamonds.

Do champagne, chocolate, and chocolate diamonds occur naturally or are they artificial?
The answer is yes, to both. There are some natural ones, and there are others that have had their colors enhanced through irradiation.

Here are a few Handiwork Jewelry pieces with this warmer, color diamond as its centerpiece and accent

0.50CT round champagne diamond solitaire with white diamonds pave set in the mounting

0.61 CT round champagne diamond solitaire bezel set pendant in 14K yellow gold

0.30CT round cognac diamonds in the petals of this 14K white gold and white diamond pendant

1.25 CT of white and light champagne diamonds in 14K two tone journey pendant

1.05 CT simple journey pendant with light champagne and white diamonds bezel set in 14K gold

0.68CT champagne diamond solitaire engagement ring in a simple 14K yellow gold six-prong Tiffany setting

0.77CT champagne diamond solitaire engagement ring in a simple 14K yellow gold six-prong Tiffany setting

princess cut prasiolite (green amethyst) solitaire accented with three round champagne diamonds on each side, with black enamel to contrast the brown and black

1.50CT champagne diamond solitaire engagement ring with 0.38 CT in round, white diamonds pave set in a 14 Karat white gold vintage setting

1.42CT cognac diamond solitaire engagement ring in a tension setting. A total of 0.12 CT in round, white diamonds channel set in this 18 Karat white gold ring with yellow gold accent

1.33CT chocolate diamond solitaire wedding set with 0.75 Carats in round and baguette cut diamonds channel set in this 14 Karat white and yellow gold two piece set.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Black Diamonds

We usually think of diamonds as brilliant and near colorless, but "black diamonds" are an unusual and unique specimen. Black diamonds are technically carbonado, which can be found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Black diamonds and black onyx may appear similar at first glance, but they are very different in chemical structure and jewelry value. Black diamonds are often faceted while black onyxes are usually polished flat. The most famous black diamond is the 67 Carat, cushion cut "Black Orlov," and the history/folklore about it can be found here.

None of the black diamond pieces at Handiwork are cursed ;)

Black and white diamond slide pendant (should be vertical)

This 18K eternity band has black and white diamonds pave set completely around the ring

A simple white pearl pendant with black and white diamond accents

And with matching earrings!