Thursday, September 11, 2008

Antique / Vintage Diamond Wedding Rings

Many of today's modern bridges are choosing antique or vintage wedding rings. It's the kind of ring you probably saw your grandmother wore, and if you were a girl, you probably admired it on her hands. At Handiwork we have a few that I would like to share with you:

This sapphire accented piece has a 1.01 Carat round brilliant diamond (SI-1, H) mounted in the center. There are 4 round diamonds bezel set around the prong set solitaire. A nice light antique filigree work is lightly etched into the mounting. This is a wonderful ring for a lady who loves blue or sapphires.
Cost: $2450

This wide band vintage diamond wedding ring has a 1.05 Carat princess cut diamond prong set. A total of 0.33 Carats in round and princess cut diamonds are pave set in the band. There are 3 princess cut diamonds channel set on each side, and one princess cut is oriented in a diamond shape on each side of the band. The ring is 18 Karat white gold.
Cost: $2350

This simple antique style ring has a 1.35 Carat diamond solitaire in the center, and two round diamonds accent each side, totaling 0.13 Carats. A unique scroll design can be seen on the side.
Cost: $2450

This 14 Karat white gold pave mounting has 0.40Carats of round cut diamonds. There is more of a beading texture down each side. This semi-mounting is available at Handiwork. If you have your own diamond or would like to purchase a loose stone, we are happy to assist in mounting.
Cost: $750

This split shank diamond wedding ring has 0.68 Carats in round pave diamonds. This 14 Karat white gold mounting is also available at Handiwork.
Cost: $875

This traditional 2 piece wedding set (engagement ring PLUS wedding band) has a 0.75 Carat round brilliant diamond solitaire as its center piece. A total of 0.50 Carats in round cut diamonds are mounted in the setting and band.
Cost: $1875

Here is another unique vintage wedding ring with colored stones. In this case, emeralds accent each side of the 0.81 Carat round brilliant cut diamond and 0.25 Carats in round diamonds are pave set in the mounting. There is a subtle scroll design on the side of the ring. This is a great wedding ring for someone who loves green or emeralds.
Cost: $1750

This antique style ring has the characteristic beading of vintage rings. A 0.46 Carat round brilliant cut diamond is mounted in a semi-bezel setting. A total of 0.20 Carats in round diamonds are prong set around the diamond solitaire. The band has a beautiful antique filigree design one each side.
Cost: $950

This dainty antique style ring has a 0.38 Carat round brilliant diamond mounted in 14 Karat white gold. Eight small round diamonds accent the ring in a low profile setting for carefree, everyday wear (minimal prongs means less snagging on clothes!).
Cost: $750

This platinum diamond ring is a dainty but beautiful vintage piece. A 0.40 Carat round brilliant diamond with an exceptional clarity of VS-1 and a color of H is prong set and surrounded by 10 round diamonds. The unique shape of this ring is sure to get many compliments.
Cost: $825

This diamond ring has a 0.72 Carat Old European Cut (OEC) diamond solitaire. A total of 0.40 Carats in round diamonds are prong set in this 14 Karat white gold ring. European cut diamonds are characterized by a smaller diamond table and a higher crown angle. The tip of the diamond on the bottom has also been slightly trimmed, allowing the light to reflect differently than a modern round brilliant cut diamond. You can read more about European cut diamonds and their more recent counterparts here.
Cost: $2450

This custom made vintage style ring has a 0.75 Carat round brilliant cut diamond bezel set as its centerpiece. The ring is 14 Karat yellow gold, but 14 Karat white gold accents the diamond solitaire. This is another great low profile, snag-free ring design.
Cost: $1650

This simple antique ring features a 1.0 Carat round brilliant cut diamond solitaire (SI-2, H/I). The antique filigree details in this 14 Karat yellow gold setting give it a delicate look.
$ 2765

A smaller version is also available at Handiwork. This ring has a 0.37 Carat round diamond and the filigree details on this piece are more floral in nature.
Cost: $475

This antique diamond ring has a total of 0.55 Carats in round cut diamonds. The 14 Karat yellow gold setting is accented by a rhodium white finish around the diamonds.
Cost: $450

This 14 Karat yellow gold ring features a 0.30 Carat round brilliant diamond. The six-sided shape of the ring and the details on the band give this ring a true antique feel.
Cost: $325

Please feel free to leave comments on what you think about these different rings, all of which are available for sale at Handiwork Jewelry.


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Jay said...

Diamond wedding rings are the symbol of love,emotion,feeling towards there love,and couple love to have it.

Anjali said...

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princessalbert said...

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excited ring shopper said...

I absolutely love the ring titled, "This dainty antique style ring has a 0.38 Carat round brilliant diamond mounted in 14 Karat white gold." I know you posted this a long time ago but if you remember where you saw it, I'd love to try to track it down.