Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding Sets

When looking at wedding rings, a gentleman recently asked me, "Why do some of the rings come with two pieces?"

It then dawned on me that most men do not realize that a wedding set usually consists of two pieces. I have found that most ladies already know this, but men only have to worry about a wedding band. Men engagement rings have not become popular (yet?). One ring for most men is already one more than normal for them, so adding another one would perhaps be pushing it.

For the ladies, however, the engagement ring traditionally has a diamond solitaire or single diamond as its center piece. I have been seeing a small but growing trend towards non-diamond engagement rings. The most popular so far have been blue sapphires or aquamarines with diamonds on the side. Shades of blue are much easier to wear daily than a pink or red gemstone, which requires more color/clothes coordination. Then again, if her favorite color is pink, perhaps most of her wardrobe would match a pink sapphire engagement ring?

Whatever it looks like, the engagement ring is given to the lady as a promise to get married. Here are some engagement rings:

Note: This simple solitaire diamond engagement ring has a 4mm band.

Note: The side diamonds consist of three tapered, baguette cut diamonds.

Note: This simple diamond engagement ring has five prong set, round diamonds.

The wedding band, however, usually does not have a single diamond. A wedding band could be plain metal (gold or platinum) OR it could have two or more diamonds. Here are some wedding bands:

Note: This 6mm 14 Karat white gold wedding band is "flat" inside.

Note: In this 2mm 14K white gold band is a comfort fit, which is slightly more rounded inside the band.
Note: These diamond wedding bands take it up a notch with more diamonds. The man's has seven princess cut diamonds while the lady's band has prong set, round diamonds. The lady's ring is comfort fit.
Note: These three wedding bands are called eternity bands because the diamonds go all the way around instead of only halfway. These eternity wedding bands are beautiful, and you do not have to worry about the band twisting to the non-diamond half of the band. Care, however, should be taken when wearing because the diamonds on the bottom could be damaged when the palm of the hand hits hard surfaces. One should also remember that eternity bands cannot be easily sized, and while we all do not want to gain or lose too much weight after marriage, sometimes it is hard to prevent (i.e. think about how great a cook your significant other is...)

And now when we put them together, we can call the two pieces a complete wedding set, like these:

Note: There are princess cut diamonds, channel set in these two pieces.

Note: The diamonds are pave set in three rows in this wedding set.

Comments or questions are always welcomed! After growing up in the jewelry industry (20+ years), we sometimes take for granted what is common knowledge.


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