Thursday, October 2, 2008

September Birthstone

A bit late but could still be useful for Christmas shopping....

September babies have a great gemstone -- sapphires! The little known fact, however, is that sapphires come not only in the traditional blue, but also in yellow, orange, pink, and sometimes even white or with "stars" on them., for example, has a great selection of pictures of fancy colored sapphires. White sapphires here, yellow sapphires here, blue sapphires here, pink sapphires here, star sapphires here. The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) discusses fancy sapphires here. The ICA also offers a more detailed description of the different blue sapphires available here.

In the world of blue sapphires, the most notable ones come from Kashmir, Burma, or Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Other countries, however, also produce sapphires, including Thailand, Australia, Madagascar, Brazil, and even Tanzania. Concern over conflict free or "blood" diamonds also has a spillover into the gemstone world, so the origin of sapphires is often a topic of discussion. When it comes to choosing a blue sapphire, however, it truly is a subjective decision -- someone people prefer a dark blue while others prefer a lighter or cornflower blue. In general, pale and dark ones are less valuable than mid-blue ones with luminosity (catches the light) BUT truly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Pink sapphires are also an alternative for October birthstones, which are opal or pink tourmaline (or pink ice).

Take a look at few of the sapphire pieces we have at Handiwork:

First, PINK sapphires

Second, YELLOW sapphires

Third, ORANGE sapphires

Note: This is more of an orange/pink sapphire.

And last but not least, BLUE sapphires

Note: The light reflects a beautiful dark blue in this round sapphire.

Note: These sapphires are a much lighter blue than the ones above.

Note: This oval sapphire is a bit cloudier and the blue is not uniform. Some people prefer sapphires with more character.

Note: This marquise sapphire is quite darker than the others shown so far.

Note: This cabochon, oval cut sapphire has no facets.

Note: This round sapphire has a medium cornflower blue hue.

Note: This oval cut sapphire is actually a star sapphire with one or multiple "stars" when reflected in the right light.

Note: This diamond and blue sapphire ring has a matching set of earrings.

Note the subtle light to dark blue sapphires in this wave-like band with diamonds on the edges.

And for non-rings, we have the following with blue sapphires:

Blue sapphire and princess cut diamond (1/2 CT TW) cuff links

This simple but elegant 14K yellow gold bangle has round cut diamond channel set in between three princess cut, bezel set, blue sapphires.

This stunning necklace has pear cut, blue sapphires and round cut diamonds.

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