Friday, May 15, 2009

Birthstone Re-Cap

October was the last birthstone featured, so I figure there should be a re-cap of November to April before May can be posted. Here goes!


Yellow topaz is the official birthstone for November, but citrines and yellow sapphires (and even a yellow diamond) would all work well for Thanksgiving circa babies.

This 18 Karat gold Torrini ring features a bezel set, multi-faceted citrine.

Belts can be worn around your waist... or on your hand. This citrine belt ring is accented by chocolate diamonds with a black enamel background.

For only $159, this 14 Karat yellow gold right hand ring featuring a large natural oval, yellow topaz is sure to make a statement.


Blue topazes are a favorite, even if you were not born in the month of December.

This bangle with a solitaire, trillion cut blue topaz and yellow topaz is a perfect transition from November to December.

This trillion cut blue topaz pendant in white gold is accented by five round diamonds

These 14 Karat gold chandelier earrings will dangle with briolette cut blue topaz tear drops.


Garnets are a deep red brown hue that people either love or hate. If you appreciate antique jewelry, garnets can often be found in vintage pieces.

This 14 Karat natural, oval garnet ring with round diamonds is a steal at only $145.

This past, present, and future three natural, oval garnet ring in 14 Karat gold is only $99!


Purple amethysts here we go... a resilient and well priced gemstone.

This is another 18 Kart gold ring from Torrini and features a multi-faceted amethyst that reflects the light with little stars.


Aquamarines and their light light blue, green (seagreen) color are also found in vintage jewelry. Aquamarines can be very expensive depending on their hue and quality.


Diamonds are a girl's best friend... and April babies are just plain lucky. If you want an alternative, try white sapphires, or synthetic diamonds (cubic zirconia).

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