Friday, February 6, 2009

Replacing Watch Straps

We get a fair number of customers at Handiwork Jewelry asking us for replacement watch straps, and I have usually been unable to provide concrete assistance, besides suggesting Target or Macy's. Today I found a great site with reasonable prices and selection. It is called, and I was able to find an elusive 6mm leather band!

They teach you how to properly measure the width of the watch strap you will need to order here. Just take a ruler or measuring tape and find the distance between the two lugs, the point where the strap meets the edge of the watch.

Installation is relatively easy, because there is a spring loaded pin which can be depressed into the pin hole of the lug. I find the small tip of eyeglass screws helpful.

Straps, especially leather ones, are susceptible to daily wear, tear, and believe it or not, stink! Some people like to buy different colored watch straps for the different seasons, white for spring and black for winter, etc. More commonly, the leather simply cracks and breaks. Metal straps sometimes have to be replaced if an important piece like the buckle or connector between the lug and strap is lost or broken. I have also seen folks come in with expansion or flexible watch straps that are too big, and these can not be adjusted, but you can buy a smaller expansion strap. Be sure to check out! They're officially for original Timex replacement straps, but it fit my non-Timex watch just fine.

For specific replacement straps by brands, try

Good luck!

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