Friday, October 17, 2008

Green Amethyst?

Amethysts are usually purple, but recently there have been talks of pink amethysts and even green amethysts.

A pink amethyst, as featured on yesterday's post, is usually a light pink, almost light gray purple. The marketing folks have done a great job of re-naming these pale amethysts as "pink amethysts" to highlight their difference from the usual medium to dark purple amethyst.

Green amethysts are another interesting gemstone, because the term is are actually a misnomer. The technically correct term for these light sea green gemstones is actually prasiolites or vermarines, which belongs to the same quartz family as amethysts.

Simple yet bold, this prasiolite ring at Handiwork costs $175.

This cushion cut prasiolite has a simple string of diamonds around the stone and along the thin band. At Handiwork, this ring is available for $425.

Cost: $185

Cost: $145

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Mike said...

THANK YOU NAREE! Its very beautiful ring. I liked stone color. It seems like expensive one...Its very informative post.
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