Monday, October 13, 2008

October Birthstone

The birthstone for October is opal, as well as pink tourmaline or pink ice. Opals are also traditionally given for 14th year wedding anniversaries. A pink sapphire would also be a good substitute for October's birthstone.

Let's start with the opal... there are two main types - white and black. Opal is also a very soft stone, easy to crack and damage so it is best for those that are not super active. Opals are also reflect lots of different colors and are beautiful to admire and wear. More information can be found on Wikipedia and here.

Here are the opal choices at Handiwork:

Oval, white opal ring with 0.25 CT of diamonds: $950

Same opal ring in a different lighting...note the iridescence and various colors of purple, blue, green, yellow, and pink

The colors in this opal ring are lighter but still have flecks of pink: $215

This black opal, dolphin pendant costs $165

This trillion cut, black opal and diamond band costs $575

Pear, black opal ring: $275

Oval, black opal ring: $149
(Should be oriented ho

Marquise, black opal ring: $125

Oval, black opal with 1.45 CT of diamonds: $1675

And here are some of our pink tourmalines:

18K yellow gold with oval, pink tourmaline bezel set: $285

Oval, pink tourmaline with 0.55 CT in round and baguette diamond: $785

Oval, pink tourmaline with 1.45 CT in baguette diamonds: $785

Oval, pink tourmaline with 1.0 CT in round diamonds: $950

Seven inch bracelet with pink tourmaline and 0.45 CT of round diamonds: $1050

White gold emerald cut, pink tourmaline and 1.75 CT diamond bracelet: $2650

And last but not least, some of pink ice (but we can custom make other pieces):

Oval, pink ice stud earrings in yellow gold: $45

Round, pink ice stud earrings in yellow gold: $45

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